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    Seeing Brian Live

    • brownbw

      Just gave the rental car guy the ol' "You too". "Have a safe trip!" "Thanks! You too!" @BrianReganComic 41 minutes ago

    • trishad64

      @BrianReganComic My hus & I just heard you on Laugh USA. You are HILARIOUS!!! We just heard the bit on growing up in a lg fam. #relatable 44 minutes ago

    • harpercreates

      Hey @BrianReganComic check out this video in support of 'SEND ME' from @DionFly - a regular on @FallonTonight 2 hours ago

    • libra2142

      @BrianReganComic a lot!!! So I am hoping you guys will remember me And my sister. I took you to all the radio spots, it HAS been a while... 6 hours ago

    • libra2142

      @BrianReganComic when you you come here in March. It's been a long time but I was the one who picked u guys up at the airport we hung out!A 6 hours ago

    • libra2142

      @BrianReganComic don't know if u remember me. Worked with u in Denver a lot a few years back. Would love to see u & Kathleen in ATL. 6 hours ago

    • MoWittig

      "can life get better? I SUBMIT THAT IT CANNOT!" - @BrianReganComic 16 hours ago

    • MattMunjoy

      @ESPN_Aric @BrianReganComic @ceegee34 Hell Yes! Haven't seen that yet. Gotta be Oscar worthy! #BestActorInAComedyAboutACupOfDirt 17 hours ago

    • ESPN_Aric

      Freaking finally @BrianReganComic is in a movie, @ceegee34 @MattMunjoy ... Load him up with a feature roll, Hollywood! ... 17 hours ago

    • lorusso77

      Had an eye exam today, and all I could think about was @BrianReganComic's bit on the eye doctor. 17 hours ago

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