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    Seeing Brian Live

    • GigssInSanJose

      You can't miss it! @BrianReganComic coming to San Jose Jun 27. Get tix! 1 hour ago

    • JPdeOliveira

      Hilarious show by @BrianReganComic tonight in Honolulu. You know it was good when you come out with stomach pain from laughing. #topcomedy 8 hours ago

    • QuackAttack25

      @BrianReganComic great show tonight. Glad you did a couple of throwbacks for the encore. Thank you for the laughs 8 hours ago

    • pirhomaniak

      @BrianReganComic Amazing show at the Blaisdell! Thank you so much for coming way out here. Been having a rough time, thanks for the laughs! 9 hours ago

    • ReynAubrey

      @BrianReganComic was hilarious! I've been a fan for years now, and I'm so glad I finally got to see you live! Keep it up! 10 hours ago

    • willfartforfood

      @kermetapio @BrianReganComic how about you guys make a stop in hilo to do a show...can stay my house! I have cable... 10 hours ago

    • kermetapio

      There's @BrianReganComic killing it in Hawaii while wearing a lei my Mom got for him. This is a great day. 10 hours ago

    • bmk0314

      @peteholmes how the hell have you not had @BrianReganComic on #youmadeitweird yet? I feel like you would nerd out the whole time. 11 hours ago

    • courtneyjones

      Waiting for @BrianReganComic to come out and say funny things- thank you for coming all the way to Hawaii! 12 hours ago

    • NomadicDragon

      All set for the @BrianReganComic show in Honolulu! Awesome! 12 hours ago

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