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    Seeing Brian Live

    • bonnie_dann

      @BrianReganComic Ever come to Charlotte? You're hilarious. 1 hour ago

    • jd_sutter

      Just had an eye exam. The entire time @BrianReganComic's eye doc bit was playing in my head. Had to try hard not to LOL in the chair. 1 hour ago

    • LindaCalArm

      @BrianReganComic #alotofcredit great bit 2 hours ago

    • MeDoreen

      @DougDavidsonYR @BrianReganComic "The big Yellow one is SUN!!" Doug you're so right! BR My favorite comedian of ALL TIME! 2 hours ago

    • jayave21

      @BrianReganComic what's up with 9/9 in Mansfield, MA? Come on Regan! 3 hours ago

    • jem487

      Can't believe we're going to see @BrianReganComic right in our back yard in October! 😁 #youtoo 3 hours ago

    • DavidDlav65

      @BrianReganComic Love your bit about the players in the locker room giving credit! so true! You've been one of my favorites for years... 3 hours ago

    • Kiner110

      @BrianReganComic Here's a #Canada joke I made can have it.. "I Know America invented Monopoly..but I THINK Canada invented "Sorry". 3 hours ago

    • WestcottAdam

      @BrianReganComic Austin? #atx 4 hours ago

    • AJeanRuggiero

      @BrianReganComic And the other comedian / clown Donald Trump was in Cleveland!😜 4 hours ago

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