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    Seeing Brian Live

    • BRebelNation

      @BrianReganComic Better feign innocence like everyone else. 1 hour ago

    • toomnyhelicptrs

      @BrianReganComic great news! When does she ship? 5 hours ago

    • kennasalsa

      @BrianReganComic was right. Skipped upon 'Strong Man Show' Their names though! (minus the American) 6 hours ago

    • KLub757

      @BrianReganComic is this Brian Regan the spy? I think I'm following the wrong Brian Regan. #espionage 8 hours ago

    • Arksafaust

      @BrianReganComic They want you to run for president! I mean who else could be more hilarious then trump! 9 hours ago

    • nedtwyman

      @Steigerworld @BrianReganComic He is great and I was kidding around that’s all. “Let’s hear some chatter out there.” 9 hours ago

    • iAmLeeStoneman

      @BrianReganComic You mean spam? 10 hours ago

    • wdef12tdfn2011

      @BrianReganComic - hmmm... at the very least, they had nothing to do with the NFL and the Patriots. 10 hours ago

    • GingerTimeLord

      My Dad came home with a copy of The Epitome of Hyperbole by @BrianReganComic because a coworker thinks he needs to see it. I approve. 10 hours ago

    • Steigerworld

      @nedtwyman @BrianReganComic I follow him because he's funny 10 hours ago

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