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    Seeing Brian Live

    • MadOrpheum

      Things are about to get weird... Don't miss @BrianReganComic at the Orpheum 4/1/16! #OrpheumMadison 4 minutes ago

    • schwadda234

      @BrianReganComic $24 for a plastic cup, lol! Plus shipping, lmao! Shop much? I think you forgot about the Cyber Monday discount. 1 hour ago

    • billfarewell1

      @BrianReganComic Pick me up a Pensacola Francise 2 hours ago

    • MunkyShines

      @BrianReganComic Could you tell me the girth of one of the items you sell? 2 hours ago

    • Lyderbugs72

      @BrianReganComic Already did, my friend! 2 hours ago

    • gmichaelharris

      @BrianReganComic Bro, Clearwater, Ruth Eckerd Hall, Dec 12 must get together! 3 hours ago

    • Gastmom

      @BrianReganComic Thanks! You too! (I don't know how to use the you too phrase). 3 hours ago

    • ROCmattrieck

      @BrianReganComic Typically there's a merchandise discount on Cyber Monday, Bri. It's not only for buying stuff. That's everyday. Take luck 3 hours ago

    • LoganKersey

      @BrianReganComic Desperately looking for tickets for your sold out Fayetteville, AR show. Any extras expected to be released? 3 hours ago

    • SadieswwSteve

      @BrianReganComic I want the take luck hoody 3 hours ago

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