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    • ayarnlover

      .@BrianReganComic I suspect you are hoping the teams will score goals-units-baskets and beat their opponents soundly in the skirmish today. 2 minutes ago

    • Otterfeathers

      @matthewhoopes yes...quoting @BrianReganComic is how you become greater than "just Great." Hilarious. 22 minutes ago

    • MrTDako

      I'll be watching the super bowl like "Go my favorite sports team! Go! Score the goal unit basket!" #SuperBowl @BrianReganComic 1 hour ago


      @BrianReganComic When are you going to perform live in L.A.??? Don't you live here?? 2 hours ago

    • JMNewhard

      @BrianReganComic thanks for making me laugh so hard over the years. 2 hours ago

    • keithmgross

      @jgrebes always messing up the "you too" phrase: (ht @BrianReganComic) 3 hours ago

    • o0LexieKarev0o

      The best part about @BrianReganComic's stand up is that it's all "It's funny cuz it's true" humor. That's the BEST! 😍 3 hours ago

    • o0LexieKarev0o

      OMG how can a single man be this hilarious? Oh gosh I'm so glad I happened upon you @BrianReganComic 3 hours ago

    • o0LexieKarev0o

      Why don't dinosaurs speak? Because they're dead! How unfathomably cute @BrianReganComic 4 hours ago

    • klundine

      @BrianReganComic Bringing my 13 year old to the Rockford show on 2/12. Any chance you want a teenager to kid around with? She loves you! 4 hours ago

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