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    Seeing Brian Live

    • gregbowman

      Someone let the Thunder know that Golden State is giving them a lot of credit right now @BrianReganComic 14 minutes ago

    • BobbyVanCity

      @PuckOffPodcast - If they made a movie about this playoff run, I think a good casting choice for Mike Sullivan would be @BrianReganComic 57 minutes ago

    • gusekna

      @BrianReganComic randomly my wife and I will yell "the yellow ones the sun" during everyday life... 1 hour ago

    • FourWindsCasino

      Get ready to laugh on August 19 at the @BrianReganComic performance! Get your tickets now: 🎫🎫 4 hours ago

    • heatherlinford

      Scaring people on the bus again laughing hysterically @BrianReganComic...staring out the window seems to not be helping #crying 5 hours ago

    • jadgrace

      @BrianReganComic at the Tennessee Theatre 6/26!!! That is all.... 6 hours ago

    • dasinger22

      @prattprattpratt oh, jeez. I thought you meant @BrianReganComic and deleted his special from my DVR. Thanks, buddy. 8 hours ago

    • ShaneABurkett

      @BrianReganComic you inspire me 😂. Maybe you could use a similar situation in your stand up. But what do I know lol 16 hours ago

    • RalphieBoy33037

      @ShoshannaEvers Have a nice flight! (@BrianReganComic immediate response: "You Toooooooo!"). Yesterday

    • RalphieBoy33037

      .@BrianReganComic @ThatDarnDennis Brian, are you saying that you've gone out and purchased your own "Trukk" Truck, already? Yesterday

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